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(Course # 1)

Survive as a Woman with Purpose  & Power

6 Week Program. 

Teaches the entire step-by-step process you need, to improve your resilience and attitude, so you’re better equipped for "every challenge" that comes along. 

You can work  with me personally, to gain a deeper understanding of how God is speaking to you… and where He is leading you in life.   


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(Course # 2)

Growing Old with Grace & Power

6 Week Program. Our 6 week course will provide a meaningful perspective on  life and information that will help you create new opportunities, ideas, and options, in making the best of  your situation, preparation for the next and most wonderful period of your life.

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(Course #3)

How To Write an E-Book

Learn how to create an instant book. Get guidance to help you take your business to the next level. Grow your e-mail list, publish and re-purpose your content.

How to turn your presentation into an e-Book.


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